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Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) strongly supports Space Development and Space Commercialization for Japanese and International Space Communities.

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Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), LLC is an engineering firm providing research and development of Space related components and equipments for Launch Vehicle and Satellite and related testing for space application. ATI also provides satellite launch services for various type and size of satellites.

News and Updates

May, 2022

Nano Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) Development Completed for JAXA RAISE-3 Mission Equipment
NanoPPT (PFM) have been delivered to RAISE-3 system for system level testing.

June, 2020

Nano Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) was selected for JAXA RAISE-3 Mission Equipment
NanoPPT was selected as a mission payload for JAXA's RAISE-3. This NanoPPT can be used for CubeSat propulsion system.

April, 2019

CubeSat Electric Propulsion System
Provide nanoFEEP, nanoPPT, Hall thruster, etc for CubeSat propulsion system.

August, 2018

CubeSat GPS Receiver
Provide micro-GPS receiver for Small Satellite Application including CubeSat.

May, 2017

CubeSat System and Components
Provide design, integration, and development of CubeSat system and components such as Sun Sensors, Earth Sensors, Star Trackers, Onboard Computers, Attitude Control Modules, Propulsion, Reaction Wheels, and others.

September, 2015

Satellite Propulsion System and Components
Provide design, integration, and development of satellite propulsion system and major components such as Propellant tank, thrusters, valves and others.

December, 2014

ADN Propulsion System
Provide design, integration, and development of environmentally friendly ADN propulsion system for satellite.

On-Board Battery
Started to provide On-board Satellite battery (Lithium Ion, Nickel Hydrogen, Nickel Cadmium) and primary battery for launch vehicle (Zn-Ag battery and thermal battery)

June, 2014

Star Tracker
Started to provide low cost, high performance Star Tracker for satellite.

January, 2013

Space Micro have been awarded a contract to provide Space Qualified High Data Rate Ka-Band transmitter from a major launch provider.

March, 2012

Thermal Vacuum Chamber
ATI started to provide low cost, high performance Thermal Vacuum Chamber for satellite system level testing and space equipment level testing to simulate Space Thermal Environment.

July, 2010

ATI started to provide space proven radiation hardened electronic boards and devices using patented TTMRTM and H-CORETM technology from Space Micro such as 8Gb NAND flash module, SpaceWire boards, valve driver boards, GPS receiver board, Proton Series board computer, communication equipments (transponder, power amplifier (SSPA), and transmitter), Image Processing Computer (IPC5000), Space Weather Monitor, Radiation Dosimeter, low cost Star Tracker, 2.5Gbps Forward Error Correction IC, and more. Please contact us for details.

S-Band and X-Band Communication Equipments were awarded contracts for NASA GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center) IRIS (an Earth Observation satellite program for monitoring the Sun) and NASA ARC (Ames Research Center) LADEE (Lunar Atmospheric Dust Environment Explorer). Also, in-production is Orbcomm OG2 VHF SSPA.

ATI also provides radiation hardened boards for CubeSat use.
Please contact us for details.

January, 2010

ATI started to provide low cost, flight proven Crystalline Silicon (approx. average efficiency of 17%) and Triple Junction GaAs Solar Cell (approx. average efficiency of 28 to 30%) for satellite solar power system and Optical Solar Reflector (OSR), Multi-Layer Insulatio (MLI), Heat Pipe for satellite thermal control. These products have been used for various LEO and GEO satellite programs. ATI also provides complete solar panel and solar array system (including cell, panel, hinge, drive mechanism, deployment mechanism) for satellite use.

ATI also provides Crystalline Silicon solar cell (approx. average efficiency of 18%), Triple Junction GaAs Solar Cell ( approx. average efficiency of 30 to 34%) for flat panel use, and CPV Triple Junction GaAs Solar Cell (approx. average efficiency of 38% @ 500 sun concentration ratio) and Receiver for gound solar power system.

Please contact us for details.

July, 2008

ATI started to distribute Classroom Satellite, EyasSat. (Ground test and educational satellite tool) EyasSat has been used for satellite design course in many universities and over 1,700 students throughout the world and also it has been used by the space related SME's to train young engineers. ATI strongly supports educational communities and small and medium enterprises for space development to educate and train students and engineers for the advances in space technology in Japan and in Asia. For more information, please Click here.

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